William Mattson is the son of Olle Mattson and Cerys Beynon. He has older half-sister Gustav from 1989 and Gustav from 1991, and older brother Frederick from 1994, older sister Emma from 1995 and yougner sister Amanda from 1999.


Birth and childhoodEdit


In October 2014, he applied to universities at Leeds for International Relations and Spanish (ABB offer), St Andrew for International Relations and SPnaish (no offer), Surrey for Politics with Spanish (AAB offer), Exeter for International Relations and Spanish (AAA offer), Durham for Combined Honours and Social Sciences (no offer). He firmed Exeter and put Surrey as his insurance choice.

In 2015, he took his A levels with A*AAB from Brighton College in Politics (A), Spanish (A*), History (B) and Religious Studies (A) and got accepted into Exewter University.

In September 2015, he started Exeter University in BA International Relations and Spanish. He lives in the catered accommodation Exeter Halls, Pennsylvia Court.

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