1964 Edit

Elizabeth Larsen, Newnham College, 

Paul Adebayo, Clare College

1967 Edit

Eric Larsen Peterhouse

1968 Edit

Anne Larsen, Newnham

Ian Larsen, Peterhouse

Deborah Larsen, Newnham


Neil Millington, Selwyn College 

1977 Edit

Louise Ravn, Selwyn College, BA Economics 

Mary Millington, Selwyn College 

1986 Edit

Timothy Williamson

Helen Williamson

Thomas Higgins, Sidney Sussex

1987 Edit

Martin Larsen, Christ's College

Eva Larsen, Christ's College 

Jane Higgins, Emmanuel College 

2001: Edit

Jasper Martin, Clare College 

2002: Edit

Jonathan Clifford, Robinson College

2003: Edit

Lucy West

Emma Morris

2008: Edit

Anna Knowles

James Knowles

2010: Edit

2012 Edit

2013 Edit

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