Sophie Grace Abbott is the only child of Stuart and Donna Abbott. She was born 20 October 1995. She lives in Farringdon, Islington, London. She is the wife of Emil Pearson. She is the mother of Emma Pearson.

Background Edit

Birth and childhood Edit

Education Edit

In 1998, when she was 3, she started Nursery at St Andrews Prep in Eastbourne.

In 2009, when she was 13, she started Year 9 at Roedean School, Brighton.

In 2012, she took her GCSEs at Roedean with jj in English language (A*), English literature (A*), Maths (A*), Biology (A), Chemistry (A*), Physics (A), German (A), History (A*), Religious Studies (A), Geography (A).

In October 2013, she applied to university at Exeter for History and International Relations (AAA offer), Kings College London for History and International Relations (AAA offer), London School of Economics for International Relations and History (AAA offer), Reading for History and International Relations (AAB offer) and Royal Holloway for History, Politics and International Relations (AAB offer). She firmed LSE and put Royal Holloway as her insurance choice.

In May 2014, she found out she was pregnant, and decided that she would defer her choices to 2015.

In 2014 she took A levels at Roedean with A*AA in Maths (A*), History (A) and German (A) and AS in Geography (A), and got her place at LSE confirmed for 2015.

In September 2015, she started studing International Relations and History at LSE.

Personal life Edit

Relationship and marriage Edit

In December 2010, she met Emil, when he accidentally called her mobile phone, as he had gotten a wrong number. She lived in Newhaven, East Sussex, and he lived in Winchester during term time and Stockbury, Kent. They started dating in December 2010, their parents drove them to their first meetup in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

In May 2014, when she was 18, Sophie found out that she was pregnant. She told her parents and Emil, and decided to defer unversity entry, in order to watch the baby. Emil proposed to Sophie on 25 December 2014. Emma was born at Eastbourne General Hospital on 23 January 2015. They got married on 17 October 2015, at the same time as Emma's baptism.

In August 2015, she moved into a 1 bedroom apartment in Farringdon with Emil and Emma. They will move to Battersea in November 2016.

Children Edit

  • Emma Grace Pearson, born 23 January 2015

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