Sarah Skye Williamson is the daughter of Timothy and Helen Williamson. She was born 17 May 1995. She has older sister Sophie from 1991 and older brother Simon from 1994. She has boyfriend Andrew Larsen, and is the mother of Dylan Williamson from 2015.


Birth and childhoodEdit


In September 2000, when she was 3, she started nursery at Eagle House School, Sandhurst, Berkshire, where she continued through the prep school at age 13.

In September 2010, when she was 13, she started Sevenoaks School in Kent. She was in Sennocke House. In 2013, she took her GCSEs and got A*A*A*AAAAABB in English language (A), English literature (A*), Spanish (A), Technology (A*), Classical Civilisation (A), History (B), Maths (A*), Biology (B), Chemistry (A), Physics (A).

In 2015, she took her IB exams and got 40 points and 776 HL from English A HL (7), Mandarin ab SL (6), Economics HL (7), Design Technology SL (5), Maths HL (6), Psychology S: (6) and 2 bonus points. In 2014, she applied to PPE at Oxford with no offer, Arts and Sciences at UCL with an offer of 39 points, PPE at Kings College London with an offer of 35 points, Liberal Arts and Sciences at University of Surrey with an offer of 25 and Liberal Arts and Royal Holloway with an offer of 34. She firmed UCL and put PPE at KCL as her insurance choice, and deferred entry for them both. In July 2015, she got her results and was accepted into UCL.

In September 2016, she will start university at University College London, where she will study BASc Arts and Sciences (Societies) with Economics, Sociology, Political Economy, Maths and Chinese as her language.

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