Sarah Rose David is the daughter of Thomas and Helen David. She was born 1 June 2001. She has older brother Christian from 1994 and younger brothers, fraternal twins David and Lucas from 2003. She lives in Chainhurt, Kent.  

Education Edit

In 2001, when she was 6 months, she started Sunrise Day Nursery in Langley, Kent.

In 2004, she started Nursery at Dulwich Prep in Cranbook, Kent, she would continue to attend Dulwich Prep until Year 6.

In 2012 she started Year 7 at Benenden Schoool. In 2015, he started GCSEs in English literature, English language, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish, Design and Technology, Geography, Computer Science.

In 2017 she will do A levels in Geography, Biology, Maths.  

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