Rory Niall Huggins is the oldest son of Kenneth and Julie Huggins. He was born 4 February 2014. He has younger brother James from 2015. He lives with his family in Digswell, Hertfordshire. 


Birth and childhood Edit

Rory was born at the Rosie Hospital, Cambridge, on 4 February 2014, at 7:17am. He was born at 40+1. From he is 2 weeks old, he is watched part-time by a childminder in Cambridge, as both Kenneth and Julie had classes, but with breaks so they were able to watch him sometimes. In July 2014, Kenneth moved full-time into their house in Digswell, where they had previously only spent weekends. 

Education Edit

In September 2014, when he was 7 months, he started nursery at Rowan Tree Day Nursery in Welwyn Garden City. In September 2017, he will start morning sessions at nursery at St Johns Church of England Primary School in Digswell. He will sit assessment for Habs Boys School in 2019. 

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