Noah Daniel Reyes is the third son of Dylan Reyes and Alicia Schneider. He was born 1 May 2016. He has older brothers Anthony from 2013 and Lucas from 2015.

Background Edit

Ramón Miguel Reyes​
(b. 1969)
María Antonia Carrera​
(b. 1968)
Andrew Robert Schneider
(b. 1968)
Brenda Nicole Meyer​
(b. 1968)
Dylan Hugo Reyes
(b. 1994)
Alicia Marie Schneider
(b. 1994)
Noah Daniel Reyes
(b. 2016)

Birth and childhood Edit

Noah was born at Ventura County Medical Center, Ventura, California on 1 May at 9:26am. He was born at 39+3. He was watched at home by his mother until August 2016, when he was watched at home by a nanny.

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