Matthew James Bailey is the second son of Joseph and Rachel Bailey. He was born 24 February 1994. He has older brother Thomas from 1991, younger brother David from 1996, and Michael from 1998. He lives in Dalston, Hackney, Greater London. He is the fiance of Anna Stell.

Education Edit

In 1998, when he was 4, he started Reception The Downley School in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

In 2005, he started Year 7 at Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe.

In 2010, he took his GCSEs in English literature, English language, French, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Latin, History, Geography.

In September 2011, he applied to university at Cambridge, Clare (pooled to Homerton) for Psychology, Politics and Sociology (A*AA), Bath for Sociology (AAB), Durham for Combined Honours in Social Sciences (AAA), Exeter for Flexible Combined Honours (AAA), Warwick for Sociology (ABB). He firmed Cambridge and put Exeter as his insurance choice.

In 2012, he took A levels in French (A), Geography (A*), History (A), Psychology (A*) and got his place at Cambridge confirmed.

In October 2012, he started Cambridge University, Homerton College, studying Politics, Psychology and Sociology. He graduated with an upper second degree in 2016.

Job Edit

In 2012 he started Civil Service Fast Stream Social Research in London.

Relationship Edit

He met Anna Stell in November 2012. Those two began dating in January 2013. Matt proposed in July 2016. They will get married in August 2017.

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