Mathilde Rose Reyn (born Mathilde Rose Ravn Walsh) is the second child of Peter Walsh and Mette Pearson. She was born 22 June 1994. She is the younger sister of Emilie George from 1990, and the older sister of brother Samuel Ravn Walsh from 1999, and half-brothers Sebastian Pearson from 2002, Benjamin Pearson from 2004, Alexander Pearson from 2006, Carl Walsh from 2007, Robin Walsh from 2008, Christopher Walsh from 2009, Nathaniel Walsh from 2009, Maximillian Walsh from 2010, younger half-sisters fraternal twins Clara Pearson and Ellen Pearson from 2007, and younger step-brother Emil Pearson from 1996. She lives in Essendon, Hertfordshire. She is the wife of Marcus Reyn. She is the mother of Martha Reyn-Walker from 2010, Marina from 2012, fraternal twins Marley and Malik from 2014, Matteo from 2016, and an unnamed son from 2017.


Mathilde's mother's family is of Danish descent, her great-parents moving to England in 1957, and her grandfather in 1971. Mathilde is bilingual in Danish and English, and later learnt Spanish to a native level, now being trilingual. Mathilde's father's family is of English and Hungarian descent, with her paternal grandmother being born in Hungary and fleeting during the Hungarian Revolt.

Birth and childhoodEdit



In 1997, when she was 3, she started Nursery at Sutton Valence School in Sutton Valence, Madistone, Kent. She attended the school until age 11.


In 2005, when she was 11, she got accepted into Sevenoaks School in Sevenoaks, Kent, and started Year 7. In 2007, she started Year 9 and became a boarder at Park Grange House. In 2010, she took her GCSEs with .... in ..... She took a break to care for her infant daughter Martha in 2010. In 2011, she started Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge, studying Politics, Biology, English and History. In September 2012, she applied to university at


UCL Arts and Sciences AAA

King Politics AAA 

Hertfordshire Politics and International Relations BBC 

Cambridge Social and Political Sciences A*AA 

Queen Mary ABB offer 

Firms Cambridge and puts UCL as her insurance choice.