Madeleine Rose George is the daughter of Jacob and Julie George. She was born 19 October 2016. She lives with her parents in South Brent, Devon.

Background Edit

Julie and George were living in Exeter, finishing their undergraduate. The pregnancy was planned, and they found out that Julie was pregnant in February 2016, and the pregnancy was revealed to friends and family in April 2016.

The 26 May 2016, when she was 19+5, Julie had her 20-week scan, and the baby was revealed to be a girl. In June they settled on Madeleine for the name.

In July 2016 Jacob and Julie moved to South Brent, Devon, as Jacob got a graduate engineering job in Torquay.

Birth and childhood Edit

Madeleine was born at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, on 19October 2016 at 21:40. She was born 40+4. She will be watched at home by her mother until September 2017.

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