Luna Elizabeth Reyes-Liu is the second daughter of James Liu and Dalia Reyes. She was born 9 February 2016. She has older sister Sarah from 2014.


Albert Tak-ming Liu
(b. 1966)
Anne Yao-ying Leung
(b. 1966)
Ismael Luis Reyes​
(b. 1972)
​Laura Elizabeth Rodríguez​
(b. 1973)
James Chi-ming Liu
(b. 1994)
Dalia Elizabeth Reyes
(b. 1995)
Luna Elizabeth Reyes-Liu
(b. 2016)

Birth and childhoodEdit

Luna was born at Seqoia Hospital, Redwood City, San Francisisco Bay Area, California on 9 February 2016 at 10:36am. Se stayed with her mum in the hospital for one day, before they went to their home in Redwood City, San Francisco Bay. She is watched at home by her mother for the first month, and then she is watched at home by a live-in maternity nurse.


In September 2016, when she is 7 months old, she will start nursery at Children's Center of Stanford Community on Stanford campus, which her sister is also attending.

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