Lily Alexandra Treglown is the daughter of Andrew and Paula Treglown. She was born 5 May 1994. She has younger sisters Alice from 1995 and Erin from 1998. She lives in Didcot, Oxfordshire.


Birth and childhoodEdit

Lily was born at St Mary's Hospital, Manchester on 5 May 1994 at 20:50. She was born at 40+2. She was watched at home by her mother for 6 months, until October 1994, when she started at a childminder. She grew up in a house in Altrincham, Manchester.


In 1997, she started nursery at Bowdon Prep School for Girls in Altrincham, Manchester.

In September 2005, she started Altrincham Gramamr School for Girls in Year 7.

In 2010 she took her GCSEs at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls with A*A*A*A*A*AAAA in English language (A), English literature (A*), Mathematics (A*), Chemistry (A*), Biology (A*), Physics (A), Geography (A), French (A*), Art (A)

In September 2011 she applied to universities at Manchester for MChem Chemistry (AAA offer), at Bath for MChem Chemistry (AAA offer), at Cambridge for Natural Sciences (A*A*A offer), at Durham for MChem Chemistry (A*AA offer) and at Warwick for MChem Chemistry (AAA offer). She firmed Cambridge and put Bath as her insurance choice.

In 2012 she took her A levels at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls with A*A*A in Chemistry (A*) Biology (A*), Maths (A) and AS in English (A), and was accepted into Cambridge.

In September 2012, she started  Cambridge, Christ's College studying Natural Science. In her first year, she did courses in Chemistry, Maths, Biology of Cells and Evolution and Behavior. In her third year, she chose to specialise in Chemistry. In June 2016, she graduated from Cambridge.


In September 2016, she will start working at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Didcot, Oxfordshire.

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