Julie Alexandra Huggins (born Julie Alexandra Higgins) is the second child of Thomas and Jane Huggins. She was born 29 May 1994. She has identical twin sister Sophia Higginson , younger brother Tristan Higgins from 2002 and Elliott Higgins from 2004. She is the wife of Kenneth Huggins. She is the mother of Rory from 2014 and James from 2015. She lives in Digswell, Hertfordshire. 


Birth and childhood Edit

She was watched by her mother in their house in Ightham, Kent. 

Education Edit

In June 1995, when she was 1, she started attending Acorns Day Nursery in Sevenoaks. 

Primary Edit

In September 1997, when she was 3, she started The Granville School in Sevenoaks, Kent, which she would attend until age 11. 

Secondary Edit

In 2005, she got accepted into Sevenoaks School, where she started Year 7.   In 2010, she took GCSEs at Sevenoaks School with A*A*A*A*A*A*A*AAAA in English language (A*), English literature (A*), Maths (A*), Chemistry (A), Biology (A*), Physics (A), French (A*), Visual Arts (A) Spanish (A), History (A*), Arabic (A*) and an A in additional maths. 

In September 2012, she applied to university at Cambridge for for BA Middle Eastern Studies (Arabic and Persian) (40 points), SOAS for Arabic and Persian (35 points), London Metropolitan Univeristy for International Relations and Arabic (28 points), Westminster for International Relations and Arabic (30 points). She firmed Cambridge and put SOAS as her insurance choice,

In 2012, she took IB at Sevenoaks School with 40 points from English A HL (7), French A2 HL (7), Arabic B SL (7), History HL (6), Biology SL (6), Maths SL (5), and 2 bonus points, and got accepted into Cambridge. 

University Edit

In October 2012, she started University of Cambridge, Emmanuel College studying Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Arabic and Persian). In her first year, she lived in Emmanuel College accommodation. In her second year, she lived with Kenneth in a one bedroom rented flat in Cambridge. In her third year, from September to December, she lived in Cairo, Egypt as a part of her Arabic studies, where she would be an intern at an Arabic newspaper and take Arabic classes. She lived in Tehran, Iran from February to April, where she would take Persian classes and be a teaching assistant in a school. In her fourth year, she lived in Emmanuel accommodation, and  worked on her dissertation. She graduated in June 2016. 

Job Edit

In September 2016, she started working as a language analyst for MI5 in London, using her Arabic and Persian.

Personal life Edit

  • Rory Niall Huggins, born 4 February 2014 
  • James Lughaidh Huggins, born 2 June 2015

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