Helena Beth Parry is the second child of David Parry and Elizabeth Harding. She was born 25 October 1997. She has older brother John from 1994 and younger sister Frances from 1999. She lives in Durham. She grew up in Hungerford, Berkshire.

Education Edit

In September 2000, when she was 2, almost 3, she started Nursery at the Pre-Prep at Brockhurst and Marlston House. In 2004, when she was 6, almost 7, she started Year 2 at Marlston House School in Hermitage, Newbury, Berkshire.

In September 2011, when she was 13, almost 14, she started Marlborough College in Marlborough, Berkshire.

In 2014 she took her GCSEs in English literature, English language, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Russian, History, Music.

In September 2015 she applied to University at Durham for Law (D2D3D3), LSE for Law (no offer), Bristol for Law (D3D3D3), York for Law (D3D3D3), Kent for Law (D3D3M1). She firmed Durham and but York as her insurance choice.

In 2016 she Pre-U with D2D3D3 in English (D2), Philosophy (D3), History (D3) and AS level Maths (A) and AS creative writing (A), and got her place at Durham confirmed.

In 2016 she started Durham University, St Mary's College studying Law.

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