Helena Isabella González is the daughter of Emma Reyes and Christian González. She has identical twin sister Victoria. She was born 12 January 2016. 


Pablo Miguel González
(b. 1963)
Zoé Aguilar López
(b. 1965)
Ramón Miguel Reyes​
(b. 1969)
María Antonia Carrera​
(b. 1968)
Christian Matthew González
(b. 1994)
Emma Ariana Reyes
(b. 1994)
Helena Isabella González
(b. 2016)

Birth and childhood Edit

Together with her identical twin sister, Helena was born at Lucile Packard's Children's Hospital, Stanford at 12 January 10:36am. She was born 1 minute before her twin sister. They were born by emergency c-section due to pre-eclampsia. They spent one week in the hospital. 

Education Edit

In March 2016, when she was 8 weeks, she started Stanford Madera Grove Children's Center, in Stanford, California, for 2 days per week. 

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