Harriet Victoria "Hattie" Henderson is the second daughter of Gregory Henderson and Marie Walsh-Henderson. She was born 24 May 2004. She has older sister Paige from 1998 and younger sister Katie from 2007.

Background Edit

Birth and childhood Edit

Hattie was born at West Middlesex University Hospital, Isleworth, London on 24 May 2004 at 07:13am. She was born 39+1. She was watched at home by her mother for 7 months, until she started nursery.

Education Edit

In January 2005, when she was 7 months old, Hattie started Tic Toc Nursery in Twickenham, Richmond, London. 

In September 2008, when she was 4, she started Reception in Bishop Perrin Church of England Primary School in Twickenham, Richmon, London, which she attending until age 11.

In September 2015, when she was 11, Hattie started Year 7 at Christ's School, Richmond, London. 

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