Felicity Rose George is the fifth and youngest daughter of Andrew and Emilie George. She was born 2011. She has older sisters Florence from 1007, Frances from 2009, twins Fiona and Freya from 2009.


Birth and childhoodEdit

Felicity was born at St George Hospital, Wandsworth, London on 20 February 2011 at 05:22am. She was looked after at home by a nanny that comes to their house. Felicity was baptised in the United Reformed Church, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, where her parents were married, on 12 June 2011, where her name was revealed to be Felicity.


In September 2011, when she is 6 months, she starts Blackshaw nursrey in Wandsworth, where three of her four older sisters also attend. The nursery belongs to St George Hospital, Wandswoth, where her parents both work.

In September 2015, when she was 4, she started Reception at the Study Prep in Wimbledon, Wandsworth, London, where her older sisters also attend.

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