Elena Gabriela Soto

Education Edit

In September 2011, she starts Year 9 at Palos Verdes Peninsula High. In Year 10, she takes AP classes in Art History (5), and Biology (5). In Year 11, she takes AP classes in English (5), Computer Science (5), Calculus (5), Physics C: Mechanics (5). In Year 12, she takes AP classes in French (5), Microeconomics (5), Macroeconomics (5). 

In November 2014, she applied to university at Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz , Carnegie Mellon, and UC Davis. She got offers from all except MIT, and chose Stanford. 

In September 2015, she started university at Stanford, majoring in Computer Science. In her first year, she lived at Roble Hall. In her second year, she lived at Governor's Corner Suites, Jenkins Residence. 

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