Daisy Joanne Carney is the daughter of Neil and Samantha Carney. She was born 3 October 2011. She has older half-sister Emma from 2004, older half-brother Alexander from 2006 and younger brother Noah from 2014. She lives in Spehldhurst, Kent, with her parents and sibligns. 

Background Edit

Birth and childhood Edit

Daisy was born at Royal Tunbridge Wells Hospital, Kent, on 3 October 2011 at 13:45. She went home the same night. She was watched at home by her mother in their house in Speldhurst, Kent, for 4 months. In February 2012, she started a childminder in Royal Tunbridge Wells. 


In September 2014, when she was 2, almost 3, she started Holding Hands Pre-School in Royal Tunbridge Wells. 

In September 2016, she will start Reception at Speldhurst Church of England Primary School, in Speldhurst, Kent, which her older half-brother Alexander is also attending. 

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