Ana María Blanco González is the daughter of Juan José Blanco Rojas and Paola González Sánchez. She was born 29 January 1993. She has younger sisters Laura Valentina from 1995 and Sara Sofía from 2000. She is married to Alejandro Reyes and mother of Alba Reyes-Blanco from 2014 and Adam Reyes-Blanco from 2014.

Background Edit

Peruvian American.

Birth and childhood Edit

Born and raised in Los Altos, Long Beach, Los Angeles, California.

Education Edit

1998-2007: Tincher Prep School, Long Beach, Los Angeles, California

2007-2001: California Academy of Mathematics and Science, Carson, Los Angeles, Califronia. She scored 2180 in her SATs.

2011-2015: BS Nursing at University of California, Los Angeles.

2016-2017: Nursing training

2017: Three year nurse anesthesia program.

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