Babies born Edit

2 January: Ella Holm Laursen (to Martin Laursen and Astrid Holm Laursen) (due 6/1)

Expected births Edit

14 babies (including 1 set of twins) are so far expected to be born in 2017. 3 girls, 7 boys, and 4 babies of unknown sex.

Due 14 January: Baby Boy Reyes-Torres (to Darío Reyes and Abigail Torres)

Due 26 January: Sebastian Davis (to Anthony and Grace Davis)

Due 25 March: Baby Boy George (to Andrew and Emilie George)

Due 18 April: Daniel Blythe-Matthews (to Robert Matthews and Hannah Blythe-Matthews)

Due 24 April: Baby Boy Reynard (to Martin and Isabella Reynard)

Due 26 April: Baby Girl Larwood (to Michael and Anna Larwood)

Due 30 April: Baby Girl Watson (to Frederick and Isabel Watson)

Due 13 May: Baby Boy Higginson (to Olafur and Sophia Higginson)

Due 23 May: Baby Pearson (to Emil Pearson and Sophie Abbott)

Due 2 June: Baby Boy Huggins (to Kenneth and Julie Huggins)

Due 11 June: Baby Idowu (to John and Victoria Idowu)

Due 19 June: Baby Girl Hayne (to Jacob and Natasha Hayne)

Due 25 June: Oldest twin Marriott (to Paul and Michelle Marriott)

Due 25 June: Youngest twin Marriott (to Paul and Michelle Marriott)

Weddings Edit

4 March: Mathilde and Marcus Reyn

12 August: Anna Stell and Matthew Bailey

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