25 babies were born in 2015 (including 2 sets of twins), 12 boys and 13 girls.  

6 January: Oscar Rowland 

7 January: Esmeralda Watson 

23 January: Emma Pearson 

25 January: Carl Klein-Hougaard

30 January: Charlotte Samuels  

7 February: Edward Clifford 

29 March: Lucas Reyes 

17 May: Lucy Harris 

2 June: James Huggins 

4 June: Penelope Waldron 

15 July: Emilio Reyes-Torres 

28 July: Dylan Williamson 

18 August: Ellen David 

5 September: Leo Bradley 

5 September: Rory Bradley 

13 September: Noah Bonnet 

6 October: Isla Miller 

7 October: Isak Antonsen 

29 October: Rose Singleton 

5 November: Adam Reyes-Blanco

3 December: Mejse Vinter Poulsen 

10 December: Andrea Bech-Vestergaard 

15 December: Katie Reynard 

15 December: Alice Reynard 

31 December: Savannah Jones 

Weddings Edit

21 March: James Liu and Dalia Reyes

4 April: Nicholas Walsh and Georgia Holmes

20 June: Jacob and Julie George

20 June: Joseph and Jessica Lee

11 July: Martin and Isabella Reynard

18 July: Claire Summers and Andrew Clark

8 August: Asbjørn Poulsen and Benedikte Nielsen

22 August: Christian Gonzalez and Lucy Reyes

17 October: Emil and Sophie Pearson

17 October: Martin Laursen and Astrid Holm Laursen

24 October: Stanley and Catherine Newton

14 November: Robert Matthews and Hannah Blythe-Matthews

21 November: Matthew and Carla Cruz

28 November: Jacob and Mary Johnston

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