15 babies were born in 2011, 11 girls and 4 boys.

3 January: Clara Kirk-Mitchell, born to Jonathan Mitchell and Julie Kirk-Mithcell

26 January: Eleanor Clifford, born to Jonathan and Jenna Clifford

16 February: Felicity George, born to Andrew and Emilie George

24 February: Tobias Johnson, born to Stuart and Susan Johnson

1 March: Daniel Pearson, born to Frank and Jane Pearson

2 April: Maximilian Walsh, born to Peter and Sanne Walsh

20 June: Elizabeth Davis, born to Stephen and Catherine Davis

11 September: Anna Martin, born to Jacob Martin and Caroline Watts

16 September: Liva Davidsen, born to Uffe and Malene Davidsen

3 October: Daisy Carney, born to Neil and Samantha Carney

9 October: Selma Bak-Andersen, born to Kim and Monica Bak-Andersen

7 October: Rosie MacPherson, born to Robert and Nicola MacPherson

31 October: Lily Wilson, born to James and Dawn Wilson

4 November: Aurora Watson, born to Frederick and Isabel Watson

8 December: Arthur Harris, born to Michael and Cassandra Harris

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