27 people were born in 1995, 17 girls and 10 boys

15 January: Caroline North

15 January: Rasmus Poulsen

15 January: Jesper Poulsen

24 January: Karen Davis

1 February: Christopher Carlton

23 February: Philip Lennon

26 February: Alexander Harlow

2 March: Julie Vinther

14 March: Martin Hougaard

15 March: Henrik Vestergaard

14 April: Maria Svane-Poulsen

9 May: Emma Mattson

29 May: Dalia Reyes

16 June: Karen Holm

13 July: Charlotte Britton 

25 July: Hannah Lee

6 August: Rebecca Barlow

30 August: Bolette Rosenberg-Klein

1 September: Kristoffer Fuglsang

5 September: Gemma Griffiths

1 October: Benjamin Klein

1 October: Barbara Klein

20 October: Sophie Abbott

22 October: Rory Matthews

16 December: Anna Dahl-Vestergaard

19 December: Isabel Soto

29 December: Amelia Ivory

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